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Locations, Radio, Fanzines, etc.

The heaviest Metal Disco in Erlangen. We already had some concerts in the New Force and we are looking forward to the next one! Greetings to the whole New Force team!
Our Bass Player Thomas Schunk founded the Sky Recording Studio. A lot of well-known bands recorded their albums at Sky Recording already. Very good Studio, nice equipment and fair prices.
Germany's NUMBER 1 Heavy Metal Online Mag! The latest Metal News, Concerts, Bands, CD Reviews, Interviews. There is nothing related to Metal that you won't find on those pages!
HardHarderHeavy is an upcoming Metal Page from Jochen, a good friend. Tons of information about Metal, especially the good old classic stuff. Check it out!
Gods of Noise are managing lots of concerts, mainly in the Bamberg Live Club. We hope to get a chance to play there soon!
Cool Metal Page with Bands and Events in Frankonia! Cover Bands and Bands with their own great music!
In the meantime, this is the only local radio station playing rock around the clock. We are looking forward to meet you next time!
Nürnberg - Fürth - Erlangen 106,5 & 106,2 MHz.
ZOSH! at Radio Z, the alternative radio station.
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