The Line-Up

Since 2009 the line-up consists of Ingo, Juergen, Thomas and Chris.

We describe our music as `Mystic Thrash Metal'. This means that there are pounding, slow parts, but also fast speed-thrash-metal songs on the playlist. In addition, some songs contain panpipe parts, an interesting combination of Heavy Metal and a 'soft' instrument. The first CD "Daargesin", the second album 'Dracul' and the third CD 'Polarnacht' has been produced by the band ourselves. Daargesin gave several concerts in Germany and always got positive feedback from the audience, no matter whether there were 50 or 3.500 visitors. (Concerts with Subway to Sally, Justice, Crematory, Böhsen Onkelz and lokal acts). 


The name "Daargesin"
The name Daargesin derives from an english fantasy story. The white wolf Thyri, leader of her tribe, is threatened by 'Two Legs' who want to destroy them. Daargesin, leader of another wolf tribe, helps Thyri and together they manage to defeat the humans by means of an ambush.
The 'herdsman god' who lends his wings to Daargesin and helps him with the magic sound of his panpipe - mentioned in our songtext - has been added to the story by the band.